I've been waiting for a better time to post this one. I didn't want to be impolite considering what happened a few weeks a go, and although the news has spread many people don't recognize the name as much as I would like. Kenji Eno was a game designer and musician best known for his D Trilogy, a series of horror/thriller games that are for the most part played in the first person. Kenji was a man who made the kind of games that he wanted to make, his creations were usually out of left field and he wasn't afraid to make certain people very angry. The biggest reason why I wanted to bring up Mr. Eno was because last week I had posted about blindness and games. Mr. Eno always being one step ahead had developed a game for the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn called Real Sound: Kaze no Regret. The game was a visual novel so interaction was pretty limited, but the game was specifically designed for blind people in mind. In fact, the story behind it is quite interesting. During a bargaining deal with Sega to make the game an exclusive. The story wen that in order for the game to be an exclusive Sega would need to donate one thousand Sega Saturns to blind people and in return Mr. Eno would donate one thousand copies of his game as well. The deal went through and with every copy of the game the player would receive instructions in braille and bag of seeds to plant.

Never being satisfied with his work he left the game's industry several times only to return and continue his work. Kenji Eno, we will never have enough of you. Thank you for everything.

This post is only a very brief introduction to the man behind the name if you would like to know more about him there's a very respectable article on his D series here, and you can get a sense of what he is like in this interview.



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